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Insieme Wines
Insieme Wines' Tasting Room

Who We Are & What We Do

        Insieme Wines is a boutique winery located in Nassau County.  Operating in a négociant style, meaning we source our fruit from very particular farms throughout North America vs. owning farms.  This provides us with maximum flexibility and ability to search out great farms with unique characteristics; allowing for production of very special wines.  Our footprint encompasses California, Washington and New York. 

        Beyond just soil composition, which is highly critical to our winemaking decisions and style, we look for Certified Sustainable Farm sources as a benchmark starting point for our process.  Additionally, as far back as 2017 Insieme Wines has established contracts with several Certified Sustainable Herbicide Free farms.  Our commitment to making great wine starts with a commitment to sourcing great fruit.  This adherence to Certified Sustainable and Herbicide Free Farming offers a unique opportunity to produce wines that truly express a sense of place and driven by the spirit of terroir. 

        Insieme Wines follows a purist and traditional “Old World” approach to winemaking.  There are no secondary additives like color, flavor, aromatic and mouthfeel enhancers in any of our wines.  The use of sulfites is low to minimum even in our white wines.  Whenever possible wines are unfiltered to preserve maximum phenolic composition.  Additionally, wines are never sterile filtered.  The belief follows that wine should retain its natural beauty, microbiology and composition.  The use of oak barrels is deliberate and balanced.  With a belief that wine should taste like wine and not taste like oak; only the finest French and American oak barrels are selected.  French oak is limited to Center of France forests only with a strict selection of tight grain select oak that is 36 month seasoned.  American oak is limited to tight grain select oak that is 48 or 60 month seasoned.  For us it’s about layers of flavor and texture that make a wine great.  Other than a few select wines, when it comes down to oak aging in wine, less is more.


       -Massimo DeVellis

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